How To Find Clients For Your Creative Business


How to Find Clients for your Creative Business


It’s been months since you’ve worked on your freelance business and it’s coming down to the last few days. You need to learn How To Find Clients For Your Creative Business.

Believe it or not – it’s time to start looking and attracting your clients so you can start building your portfolio and get profit as well. It may be hard to find the first few clients, so I’ve made a list of ways you can find clients for your creative freelance business.

You may have noticed that managing & getting ready to launch a freelance creative business is hard in the past months. And… you’re probably hoping to have some clients coming as soon as you launch! So here are some helpful ways to find clients as soon as you launch your business.

How To Find Clients For Your Creative Business

Who do you want to work with – Finding Clients

The main important factor before even thinking about partnering with clients is to figure out who do you want to work with?

I don’t mean who is your dream client – who do you want to niche down to?

For instance, if you are offering branding & web design services and you’re willing to do any & everybody’s projects like clothing brands, agencies, creatives, photographers, etc. It may be hard for people to actually hire you for services – because you don’t have a direct niche.

My suggestion is to take 2-3 different niches and to stick with it. I decided to serve creatives overall (photographers, life coaches, virtual assistants, and more in the creative field.)

Use Instagram to find freelance clients

Everyone uses Instagram daily – meaning you have so many chances to get your next dream client. Some people don’t like posting because of personal reasons. But, this is your business you are risking, if you want to get design client’s really fast use Instagram.

A tactic I really love to use is following potential clients on their Instagram account and networking with them. Like their Instagram posts, maybe even comment and reach out through DM!

Sometimes potential clients don’t really like contact through Instagram DM – which is totally fine! Try to email them!

Try cold pitching to find freelance clients

A lot of people are actually afraid of cold pitching potential clients – because of the answer of NO! And that’s totally normal. I think it’s actually one of the best ways to get a client. You never know what a potential client needs – and cold pitching to them is probably the answer to their problems.

Please don’t be afraid to cold pitch. It’s simply a yes or no answer. If it’s yes, move them to your client list! If, it’s a no. Then move on. Even if they say no know – they may remember you and reach back out later in the future.

But, how do I cold pitch?

Cold pitching is a tactic used for getting straight to the point. You don’t want to bore the potential client with a long email. To be honest, I wouldn’t read the whole email either.

Start simply with these steps:

  • Tell them how long you’ve followed them – and how you like their social presence.
  • Who you are as a business owner and the services you offer.
  • How you can help them fix their problems within their business.

These are the top 3 main points to include in your pitching email. And I know – you’ll get some positive responses back.

Find potential clients on Facebook Groups

This may sound a little crazy to you, but Facebook groups actually work as a way to getting potential clients.

Facebook groups for your niche/industry are used for you to connect with real people who are serving the same services or need help with the services you offer.

Later, networking with these Facebook Groups may help you in the long run. People may refer you – and that’s a good bonus to have within your business. I just joined a brand and web design group and I have made friends already!

How will I find facebook groups?

  • Ask your peers
  • Search on Facebook with your keywords
  • Look on Pinterest for Facebook groups!

I find these are the best to find and search for good facebook groups.

Also, while you’re at it – have fun! Your main goal is to engage and create connections with people.

Start blogging and grow through Pinterest.

Okay, if you literally are looking at this blog post right now. You either found me through Google, Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest. Which goes to tell you that blogging works – and you should start ASAP!

I will tell you that blogging is a lot of work so you have to make time out your day to actually plan and write strategic blog posts that can be seen and attract clients.

Pinterest, along side Google is one of the best search engines to be found through. So you’re actually going to get some exposure from somewhere if you are seeing views on your blog posts. Plus – when you don’t have clients you could be making passive income with blogging.

You can do this by giving freebies & selling downloadable products such as:

  • Ebooks
  • Workbooks
  • Printables
  • Courses
  • Templates

There’s obviously so much more you can sell – but that’s allI I thought of at this moment!

And speaking of selling products through Pinterest, you’ll also need a high-converting brand & website to do so. Try hiring a brand & website designer to fix all your needs. I offer brand & web design services that attract clients as soon as the webpage opens! I use Showit (a drag-and-drop website builder) to design my client’s websites which also includes 10k+ monthly website viewers!

Learn more and book a discovery call with me here.

Build an email list

Another useful way to grow your business and get potential clients is through email marketing! Email Marketing will always be here – and is a great way to keep potential customer contacts to promote your services.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is something used to create emails – and send them out to all of your potential clients at one time (email blast). It’s the most effective way to grow a relationship with potential clients.

What platforms do I use?

There are sooooo many platforms that you can use to get started with email marketing. Here are my top 3 favorites!

These platforms are really easy to use and affordable for beginners. If you need help with email marketing abd growing your list – I recommend searching up courses on how to grow your brand with email marketing.

What to do when you aren’t getting clients

I know you probably don’t wanna hear this but, most likely you won’t get your first design client in the first couple of months in business. But hang in there! You’ll get your first client very soon!

Here’s some things you can do while you’re not working with clients.

  • For designers – you can create personal projects and build your portfolio. Use mockups – stock images to get the best photos. Here are my favorite places to get mockups + stock: Moyo Studio and Creative Market.
  • Blog – Start your blog and use blogging to your advantage. This will end up helping you get your client!
  • Refining your workflow: If you use any systems like Dubsado to Honeybook – make sure to put all of your workflows up to date. Us freelances seem to forget a lot of stuff, so check and see if you are missing any actions that should be included in your workflow.
  • Post on Social Media: This is a big one. Instagram has recently launched reels – and they are pushing reels out like crazy! Show your face and start promoting your business so you can book your first client. Also, start working on your social media templates – so you can create a cohesive theme OR hire me to do all of this for you!
  • Last but not least, live your life! Client projects are going to be fun but can also be daunting. So while you have all this free time – set time to work on your business and treat yourself to life experiences!

Getting your first client is hard! And because I want you to be successful at finding your first client – you have a new friend here! Follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook so we can start connecting. Also, join my email list so you can be updated when a new blog post is out like this one!

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